Christmas Church Parade – John Mackenzie-Rogan

After his retirement from an illustrious career as bandmaster of the Coldstream Guards in 1920, Lt-Col. John Mackenzie-Rogan continued his involvement in music. Though the Coldstream Guards continued to record for the Gramophone Company under its new bandmaster, Lt R.G. Evans, Mackenzie-Rogan moved over to record for Duophone, more than 30 records with “Mackenzie-Rogan’s Military Band” but one with “Mackenzie-Rogan’s Symphony Orchestra.”

With his Band, he recorded this “Christmas Church Parade”, probably in November 1925. Duophone was part of the Vocalion company, and still recording acoustically at this time. They still managed to include a good sounding band, a small choir and bells!

The first part begins with “Christians, awake”, then items with bells and band that I don’t recognise. The second begins with “O Holy Night” for band, followed by “Hark the herald angels” for choir and band, then two further items that I don’t recognise.

Mackenzie-Rogan – Christmas Church Parade – Part I – Mackenzie-Rogan’s Miltary Band, Mackenzie-Rogan

Mackenzie-Rogan – Christmas Church Parade – Part II – Mackenzie-Rogan’s Miltary Band, Mackenzie-Rogan

Duopone A1026
Matrices Dc 7454, Dc 7455
Recorded c November 1925

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