Guillaume de Van (William Devan)

Guillaume de Van was the adopted name of the American conductor William Devan.
Chansons Françaises de la fin du XIV siècle (Anonymous)
(a) Or tost acux (Virelai à 4 voix) – (b) En l’amoureux vergier (Ballade à 3 voix)
(c) Va Fortune (Ballade à 3 voix) – (d) En Albion (Ballade à 3 voix)
Ensemble Instrumental, Guillaume de Van
L’Anthologie Sonore AS110
Matrices AS232-1, 231-1 (M6-102326, 102325)
Recorded May 1941

Like many AS discs, this record was in extremely poor shape. The surface noise is heavy particularly at the lower mid-range, and side 1 was particularly difficult, as there is a section of about 20degrees, stretching in some 5cm from the rim that is cracked and bent slightly. This means that the stylus tends to jump ahead at each revolution. It took multiple playings of the start of this side in order to have all the sections to stitch together to make the complete recording. I was also hampered by not having scores for these unfamiliar works, so there may still be small sections missing.

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