Leon Goossens

Leon Goossens, oboist
Pierné – Pastorale
Scarlatti – Andante and Allegro (from Suite)
London Wind Quintette:
Robert Murchie, flute
Leon Goossens, oboe
Haydn Draper, clarinet
Wilfred James, bassoon
Alfred Edwin Brain Jr, horn

Pierné – Pastorale – London Wind Quintette
Scarlatti – Andante and Allegro – London Wind Quintette

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Edison Bell Velvet Face 515
Matrices X1147H-2, X1148H-1
Recorded 1922
Play at about 83.6rpm

The Scarlatti pieces are arrangements of the Sonata in D minor K9/L413 transposed to E minor, and Sonata in G minor K450/L38 in its original key.

The Pierné Pastorale is No.1 from Album pour mes petits amis Op.14, in its original key of A minor. Bars 35-80 are repeated, presumably so that record was filled out to a reasonable duration.

The discography given in Carole Rosen’s “The Goossens – A Musical Century” names Frederick Salkeld as the horn player, with a recording date of 1923. However, the record labels clearly state A.E. Brain. Brain left the UK in August 1922, playing in the NYPO, LAPO and was heard on numerous film soundtracks. His date of emigration and the matrix numbers on the record suggest a 1922 recording date.

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