Thorpe Bates

Thorpe Bates

Thomas Thorpe-Bates, FRAM, FGSM (London, 11th February 1883 – London,  23rd May 1958). Bates studied at the Guildhall and the Royal Academy of Music. He married Edith Helena Leech, and by 1935 they had a son and a daughter. He sang as principal baritone at provincial Music Festivals, Choral Societies, Promenade Concerts and the Hallé and Brand Lane Concerts, Manchester. He played in “The Yankee Princess” in New York in 1922. He also appeared in “The Maid of the Mountains,” “The Rebel Maid” and many other plays. As of 1935 he lived at Westerley, 10 Salmon St, London NW9. Bates’s daughter was the actress Peggy Thorpe-Bates, perhaps best remembered as one of three actresses who  played Hilda Rumpole in the TV adaptations of John Mortimer’s “Rumpole of the Bailey” novels.

Sullivan – HMS Pinafore – Captain’s song
(My gallant crew good morning… I am the captain of the Pinafore)
Sullivan Quartette:
Thorpe Bates
, baritone
Peter Dawson, bass-baritone
Stanley Kirkby, baritone
Ernest Pike, tenor

Download – Sullivan – HMS Pinafore – Captain’s Song – Thorpe Bates

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Gramophone Concert Record G.C.-4404 (10”)
Matrix 8352b (4404 II)
Recorded 16th June 1906


Thorpe Bates listed as soloist in Gramophone Company archives. Though the record label notes “Sullivan Quartette”, the ledgers give “Sullivan Operatic Party.” As noted earlier, Dawson is distinctly audible in the chorus. The recording ledgers do not list the chorus members, but Pike, Dawson and Kirkby were all in studio on the same day, recording with Bates and Eleanor Jones-Hudson in various combinations: Kirkby (recording as Walter Miller) was accomapnied by the Minster Singers, comprising Dawson, Bates, Pike and Jones-Hudson), and when Pike was the soloist his place is the same named group was taken by Kirkby.

Donizetti – Lucia di Lammermoor – Sextette (in English)
Eleanor Jones-Hudson, soprano (credited as Alvena Yarrow)
Amy Augarde, mezzo-soprano
Ernest Pike, tenor
Leonard Sidney, tenor
Thorpe Bates, baritone
Peter Dawson, bass-baritone
Zonophone Grand Record X-44113
Matrix 9006e
Recorded 13th October 1908
Slaughter – The Dear Homeland
Thorpe Bates, baritone with anonymous pianist

Mediafire link for Floral Dance and Lute Player recordings

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His Master’s Voice C 441
Matrix Ai 6268f (single-side number 02394)
Recorded 13th May 1912, 81rpm in Eb major

This was issued together with
Moss – The Floral Dance
Peter Dawson, bass-baritone, with Kennedy Russell, piano
Matrix z 6557f (single-side number 02426)
Recorded 10th September 1912, 81rpm in Db major

National Savings Movement presents “March of Freedom”
London Symphony Orchestra, Joseph Batten
Thorpe Bates
, baritone (Side 1)
Walter Saull, baritone (Side 2)
Michael Shepley, compere (both sides)
Chorus (both sides)

Download – March of Freedom – Joseph Batten

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EMI JG.303 (EMI: A Private Recording)
Matrices CTPX 12923-1, 12924-1
Recorded 3rd May 1945

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