Joseph Batten

Joseph Batten was one of the pioneers of the British recording industry, working with the Edison Bell company among others. He wrote a volume of autobiography called “Joe Batten’s Book: The Story of Sound Recording.” The book is now available to download for Amazon Kindle at this link.
Mozart – Horn Concerto No.2 in E flat major K417
I. Allegro maestoso (abridged)
II. Andante
III. Rondo
Glazunov – Rêverie for Horn and Piano in Db major Op.24
Aubrey Brain, horn
Royal Symphony Orchestra, Joseph Batten (Mozart)
Marion Brain, piano (Glazunov)

Edison Bell Electron X508-9
Matrices X1679J-3, X1680D-5, X1681Z-5, X1684J-1
Recorded c1926

The first movement of the Mozart is heavily cut, losing 81 of its 190 bars. Those remaining are:
Bars 1-9, 25-62, 83-116, 163-190(end)
The other movements are uncut.

Conductor Joseph Batten is not named on the labels. In the Glazunov item, Aubrey Brain is accompanied by his wife Marion.

All sides play begin at about 82.7rpm, rising to about 84.3rpm (except for the Glazunov which maintains pitch.)

National Savings Movement presents “March of Freedom”
London Symphony Orchestra, Joseph Batten
Thorpe Bates
, baritone (Side 1)
Walter Saull, baritone (Side 2)
Michael Shepley, compere (both sides)
Chorus (both sides)

Download – March of Freedom – Joseph Batten

(mp3 file – right click the link, then select “Save as”)

EMI JG.303 (EMI: A Private Recording)
Matrices CTPX 12923-1, 12924-1
Recorded 3rd May 1945

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