Audio restoration hardware:

Turntable: Stanton ST.150 with Stanton 500 cartridge.
Styli from Expert Stylus Company.

Audio restoration software: Use with care!

Audio Restoration: A retired Australian maths professor has designed some low price and incredibly effective products for sound restoration: ClickRepair, Denoise, Denoise LF and Equalizer.

Diamond Cut productions are the makers of the various versions of DC audio restoration software – I’ve used DC6, DC7 and now DC8.

Audacity is a free open source sound editor, with plugins available to deal with many sound restoration issues

HarBal is a “sonic balancing” program, which analyses the spectrum of an entire audio file. It can be useful for compensating for the deficiencies of older recordings.

Sonic Visualiser is a free program developed by Queen Mary University of London for a wide range of sound analysis.

Historic recordings online:

The British Library: Many historic recordings now available online, though not accessible in all parts of the world, due to licensing issues.

The Mapleson Cylinders: full documentation of these fascinating recordings. The audio files no longer work.

Otterhouse: Another restorer of old recordings.

Violinland: Website of Cheniston K Roland, a violin enthusiast, and collector of historic violin recordings.

Neal’s Historical Corner: Another restorer of old recordings.

CHARM: The Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music.

Pristine Audio: Home of some of the most remarkable remasterings of historic recordings to be heard anywhere.

Historic Recordings: More historic recordings available to buy (including some which have appeared on this site.)

78 Heaven: Historic vocal recordings in transfers with minimal processing.

Historic recordings – information

CHARM: The Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music. This includes a number of searchable discographies

DISMARC: Online searchable discography

Victor discography: Online searchable discography of Victor recordings

The Record Collector: The long-running quarterly magazine devoted to historic vocal art.

Classical Recordings Quarterly magazineQuarterly magazine devoted to historic classical recordings.

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