Vincenzo Bettoni

Vincenzo Bettoni, bass
Verdi – Aida – Judgment Scene (Act IV)
Aida – Judgment Scene (Act IV) Pt.1. – Spirto del Numo (Heavenly Spirit) (VS pp279-281(last line), 284-285)
Aida – Judgment Scene (Act IV) Pt.2. – Radames e deciso il tuo fato (We thy fate have decided) (pp285-295 (final bars omitted))
Andreina Beinat,
mezzo-soprano – Amneris
Vincenzo Bettoni, bass – Ramfis

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Columbia 9579
Matrices WAX 4343-2, 4344-1 (10737/8)
Recording Date 27th November 1928
Available from Jan 1929 to March 1942

Score references to Boosey The Royal Edition vocal score (1899)

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