Harry Secombe

Harry Secombe is well remembered in English speaking countries as one of the Goons, star of film musicals, and here in the UK, for presenting religious choral programmes on television. His tenor voice is well remembered, and he recorded extensively, including an LP of operatic arias and duets.
Harry Secombe sings operatic arias
Bizet – Carmen – Flower song
Puccini – Tosca – Strange harmony of contrasts
Verdi – Rigoletto – La donna e mobile
Leoncavallo – I Pagliacci – On with the motley
Verdi – La Traviata – The Drinking Song (Brindisi)
Flotow – Martha – M’appari
Meyerbeer – L’Africaine – O paradiso
Puccini – Turandot – None shall sleep
Puccini – Tosca – When the stars were brightly shining
Verdi – Il Trovatore – Miserere

Orchestra, Emmanuel Young
Orchestra, Wally Stott
(Strange harmony and On with the motley)
Adele Leigh, soprano (in Brindisi and Miserere)
Harry Secombe, tenor

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Wing (Philips) WL1220
Matrices WL 1220 1L, 2L
Recorded 1957 (solos) and 1958 (duets)

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