Eric Rees

The privately recorded 78 presented below features Eric Rees in duet with Alma Caesari, daughter of Edwin Herbert-Caesari, a renowned voice teacher who wrote several books on singing.
Donizetti – Don Pasquale – Pronta io son
Alma Caesari, soprano
Eric Rees, baritone
The Modern Symphony Orchestra, Arthur Dennington
A Modern Recording (Modern Recording Co. (Private Recording Studio), Piccadilly Arcade, London)
Matrices MM 138, 139
Recorded c1950

Arthur Dennington and the Modern Symphony Orchestra were apparently well-regarded, particularly in the performance of modern works. They performed works by Alan Bush and Ruth Gipps amongst others. Dennington made commercial recordings, including 4 volumes of overtures by Auber. In the early 1950s he conducted concerto accompaniments for Joyce Hatto.

The first side of this recording is some 4 and three quarter minutes, and the sound quality is very poor at the end of the side.

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