Black Diamonds Band

The Black Diamonds Band recorded extensively for the Gramophone Company.


H.C. Lumbye – Salut for August Bournonville, Galop
“Elite Orkester” – Black Diamons Band

Lumbye – Salut for August Bournonville – Black Diamonds Band

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Gramophone Concert Record V.*70659
Matrix 11414e (V*70659)
Recorded 4th March 1910, London

On the basis that standard military band pitch at the time was A452, I’ve transferred this at 80rpm, which puts it in B flat for this pitch standard. The original orchestral version is in D, which would give a turntable speed which is unfeasibly fast for Gramophone records of this period. It would however give the piece at a speed comparable to modern recordings of this galop!

The label for this record names “Elite Orkester”, then København, Danish Orchestra. However, the matrix listings reveal the Black Diamonds Band. At the same session they recorded several other works by Lumbye, Lund, Eriksen and Wenrich, likely for the Danish catalogue.

Rossini – William Tell – Overture
1. Morning
2. Storm
3. Pastorale
4. Finale
Home Guards Band (Black Diamonds Band)

Zonophone Serial 60-1 (10″)
Matrices 11399e, 11401e, 11545e, 11546e (T-5046/9)
Recorded 3rd and 24th March 1910 (Sides 1 and 2 at the earlier session, 3 and 4 at the later session)

This account of the William Tell overture was issued on Zonophone under the name of the Home Guards Band, but the recording ledgers show it to have been just another part of the vast discography of the Black Diamonds Band.

Mozart – Don Giovanni – Overture (abridged)
Gounod – Mirella – Overture
Black Diamonds Band

Zonophone Serial A258
Matrices z8759f-II, z8756f (Z-040187, Z-040188)
Recorded 1920

The Mozart side was the final recording of the Gramophone Company’s matrix series with suffix f.

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