Fernand Oubradous

Fernand Oubradous was not only a bassoonist, but also a composer, conductor and teacher.
Mozart – Bassoon Concerto in B flat major K191
I. Allegro (2 sides)
II. Andante ma adagio (1 side)
III. Rondo (Tempo di Menuetto) (1 side)
Fernand Oubradous, bassoon
Orchestra, Eugène Bigot

Mozart – Bassoon Concerto – 1st movement – Oubradous, Bigot
Mozart – Bassoon Concerto – 2nd movement – Oubradous, Bigot
Mozart – Bassoon Concerto – 3rd movement – Oubradous, Bigot

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Disque Gramophone (French HMV) L-1026/7
Matrices 2LA 1137-1, 1138-1, 1139-1, 1140-1 (M6-85487/90)
Recorded June 1936

This recording is a fascinating contrast to the Camden/Harty recording. Oubradous plays a Buffet system bassoon, compared to Camden’s Heckel. The tones are quite distinct, as indeed are the performances!

Haydn – Symphonie Concertante in C major for Violin, Cello, Oboe and Bassoon

I. Allegro (2½ sides)
II. Andante (1½ sides)
III. Allegro con spirito (2 sides)

Myrtil Morel, oboe
Fernand Oubradous, bassoon
Roland Charmy, violin
André Navarra, cello
Orchestra, Charles Munch

Mediafire link for Haydn – Symphonie Concertante – Munch

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L’Oiseau-Lyre OL.83-85
Matrices PART 1285-1, 1286-1, 1287-1, 1288-1, 1289-1, 1290-1 (M6-96308/9, 96311/4)
Recorded October 1938

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