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Landon Ronald – New World Symphony (acoustic recording,1919-22); Ketelbey – Irish Jigs; David McCallum – traditional Scottish fiddle pieces; Peter Miles, actor, sings two pop songs

This latest update brings a rather mixed bag of recordings, and some departures from my usual fare. The series of Landon Ronald recordings continues with his acoustic account of Dvorak’s New World Symphony. The recording amounts to just 8 sides, two for each movement. All except for the Scherzo are cut slightly: First Movement: Bars […]

Alick Maclean conducts movements from Peer Gynt

As a companion to the late 1920s recording of Peer Gynt with Schneevoigt conducting the New Queen’s Hall Light Orchestra (now available to download from Historic Recordings), it seemed fitting to hear an acoustic recording of some of the same pieces, made just a few years earlier, with Alick Maclean conducting. Maclean trims the second […]