Alick Maclean conducts movements from Peer Gynt

As a companion to the late 1920s recording of Peer Gynt with Schneevoigt conducting the New Queen’s Hall Light Orchestra (now available to download from Historic Recordings), it seemed fitting to hear an acoustic recording of some of the same pieces, made just a few years earlier, with Alick Maclean conducting. Maclean trims the second repeat from Anitra’s Dance, ending at the first time bar, allowing the Hall of the Mountain King (or Dance of the Imps as the label has it) to fit onto the same side. This means the fourth side of the set can be used for Solveig’s Song (which is taken slowly enough that the coda, a repeat of the opening, is omitted.) The orchestra is clearly smaller, to fit into the Columbia acoustic studio, and there is substantial rescoring to allow for the acoustic process. Anitra’s Dance has noticeable added woodwind, and the Mountain King gains a rather effective bell! Some of the string lines in Solveig’s Song receive woodwind support (including a lovely oboe solo.)

Grieg – Peer Gynt Suite

Mediafire link for Grieg – Peer Gynt Suite (1923) – Alick Maclean

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Part 1. Morning
Part 2. Death of Ase
a) Anitra’s Dance; (b) Dance of the Imps
Solveig’s Song

New Queen’s Hall Light Orchestra, Alick Maclean

Columbia L 1516-7
Matrices 75010-6, 75011-3, 75012-6, 75023-6 (3896/9)
Recorded 9th May 1923, London
Available from January 1924 to February 1928

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