Serge Krish

Serge Krish recorded as a conductor of some orchestral recordings, as a conductor for Richard Tauber, as a pianist (he seems to have been Yovanovitch Bratza’s regular accompanist), and with his Serge Krish Septet. Although Krish is barely remembered now, his profile did receive a little boost recently – he was named as a teacher of Joyce Hatto. The official biography of Hatto from Concert Artists notes Krish as a pupil of Busoni, though I do not know whether this is confirmed or not, given the many other potentially spurious details in Hatto’s biography.
Luigini – Ballet Egyptien
New Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Serge Krish
Rex 8992
Matrices 8992A-1, 8992B-1
Recorded mid 1930s

For Krish’s recordings as an accompanist, please refer to the Yovanovitch Bratza section.

Tauber – Old Chelsea:
There are angels outside heaven
If you are in love
Orchestra, Serge Krish
Nancy Brown, soprano
Carole Lynne, soprano
(only in “There are angels”)
Richard Tauber, tenor
Parlophone Odeon Series RO 20519
Matrices CE 11054-2, 11055-1
Recorded 22nd February 1943

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