CRQ CD244-246 – Sir Edward German: the complete issued recordings

Sir Edward German – the complete issued recordings
Thanks to Alan Sanders for providing originals for CD1 tracks 17, 19-21, and CD3, tracks 1-4
Thanks to Jolyon Hudson for providing initial transfers for CD1 track 20 and CD3 track 6

CD1 – Gramophone Company recordings 1916-1919 (all issued on His Master’s Voice)
Symphony Orchestra conducted by Edward German

Much Ado About Nothing

1   No.1 – Bourrée
(14th July 1916, 2-0716, mtx HO 1997af)

2   No.2 – Gigue
(1st December 1916, 2-0717, mtx HO 2350af)

As You Like It

3   Woodland Dance
(25th July 1916, D184, side 2-0661, mtx HO 2043af)
4   Children’s Dance
(25th July 1916, D184, side 2-0661, mtx HO 2043af)
5   Rustic Dance
(25th July 1916, D184, side 2-0665, mtx HO 2045af)

Nell Gwyn – Dances

6   1. Country Dance
(25th July 1916, D187, side 2-0675, mtx HO 2041af)
7   2. Pastoral Dance
(1st December 1916, D187, side 2-0741, mtx HO 2352af)
8   3. Merrymakers’ Dance
(25th July 1916, D188, side 2-0865, mtx HO 2042af)

Henry VIII – Dances

9   Morris Dance
(1st December 1916, D186, side 2-0743, mtx HO 2355af)
10 Shepherds’ Dance
(1st December 1916, D186, side 2-0742, mtx HO 2354af)
11 Torch Dances
(1st December 1916, D186, side 2-0743, mtx HO 2355af)

12 Have you news of my boy Jack?
(19th July 1917, 03572, mtx HO 2748af)
Louise Kirkby-Lunn (contralto), with chorus: Bessie Jones (soprano), Eda Bennie (soprano), Elsie Williams (contralto), Nellie Walker (contralto)

Gipsy Suite – Four characteristic dances

13 No.1 – Valse melancolique (Lonely life)
(19th July 1917, D189, side 2-0889, mtx HO 2742af)
14 No.2 – Allegro di bravura (The Dance)
(19th July 1917, D189, side 2-0913, mtx HO 2745af)
15 No.3 – Menuetto (Love Duet)
(30th November 1917, D473, side 2-0986, mtx HO 2988af)
16 No.4 – Tarantella (The Revel)
(30th November 1917, D473, side 2-0987, mtx HO 2989af)

Tom Jones – Dances

17 Introduction and Jig (Act 1 Introduction)
(30th November 1917, 2-579, mtx HO 3826ae)
18 Morris Dance and Gavotte (Act 3 introduction)
(30th December 1917, D188, side 2-0803, mtx HO 2991af)

19 The Seasons – Harvest Dance
(25th June 1919, D579, side 3-0655, mtx HO 3835af)
(label credits Royal Albert Hall Orchestra)

20 Theme and Six Diversions
(17th (sides 1-3) and 19th (side 4) December 1919, D546, D550, sides 3-0603/4, 3-0609/10, mtx HO 4165af, HO 4337af, HO 4169af, HO 4178af) with Mme Adami, celesta

21 Henry VIII – Overture
(19th December 1919, D527, sides 3-0580/1, mtx HO 4182af, HO 4183af)

CD2 – Merrie England – Gramophone Company 1918 (issued on His Master’s Voice)
Light Opera Orchestra conducted by Edward German. Recorded 27th February, 1st March, 8th-10th April 1918

  • Bessie Jones, soprano – May Queen (2,7,14a,14b), Bessie Throckmorton (8,9,14a,14c,16,21,22,23)
  • Edna Thornton, contralto – Jill-all-alone (4,14b,14c,15,16,18,22,23), Kate (7), Elizabeth (12,14a,14b,14c)
  • Charles Mott, baritone – Long Tom (16,20), Earl of Essex (10,22), Wilkins (7,20), Simkins (23)
  • Ernest Pike, tenor – Sir Walter Raleigh (7,20,22,23), Baker (14b), Big Ben (16), Tailor (17)
  • Edward Halland, bass – Butcher (2,14b,17), Long Tom (3,7,14a)
  • Joseph Reed, tenor(?) (chorus)
  • Violet Oppenshaw, contralto (chorus)
  • Sarah Jones, soprano (chorus)
  • John Harrison, tenor – Sir Walter Raleigh (6,9,14b,14c,18,19), Tailor (14b)
  • Nellie Walker, contralto (chorus)
  • George Baker, baritone –Wilkins (5,13), Big Ben (3), Earl of Essex (14a,14b), Tinker (14b)

Act 1
1   Introduction – Rustic Dance and Jig
(9th Apr, D18, side 2-0822, mtx HO 3195af)
2   Opening Chorus – Sing a down, a-down (chorus: a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h)
(1st Mar, D18, side 04678, mtx HO 3116af)
Opening Chorus – Now choose me two men (a, chorus: a,b,d,e,h,i,j,k)
(9th Apr, D19, side 04238, mtx HO 3193af)
3   We are two proper men (k,e,chorus: a,b,d,e,h,i,j,k)
(9th Apr, D19, side 04238, mtx HO 3193af)
4   O, where the deer do lie (b,chorus: i,d,e,a,h,j)
(8th Apr, D19, side 04239, mtx HO 3172af)
5   I do counsel that your playtime (k, chorus: j,a,h,b,i,d,e)
(9th Apr, D20, side 02795, mtx HO 3184af)
6   That every Jack (i, chorus: j,b,d,e,a,h)
(8th Apr, D19, side 04239, mtx HO 3172af)
7   Love is meant to make us glad (a,b,c,d,e)
(1st Mar, D 20, side 04679, mtx HO 3109af)
8   She had a letter from her love (a)
(10th Apr, D21, side 03615, mtx HO 3204af)
9   Come to Arcadie (a,i)
(18th Apr, D21, side 04240, mtx HO 3174af)
10 The Yeomen of England (c, chorus: a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h)
(27th Feb, D22, side 02796, mtx HO 3102af)
11 Long live Elizabeth (b,i,a,h,j,d,e)
(8th Apr, D22, side 04680, mtx HO 3170af)
12 O, Peaceful England (b, chorus: a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h)
(27th Feb, D23, side 03616, mtx HO 3100af)
13 King Neptune (k, chorus: j,a,h,b,i,d,e)
(9th Apr, D23, side 02797, mtx HO 3182af)
14 Finale, Act 1, Part 1 – It is a tale of Robin Hood
(8th Apr, D24, side 04681, mtx HO 3175af)
Finale, Act 1, Part 2 – We are four men of Windsor
(8th Apr, D24, side 04682, mtx HO 3178af)
Finale, Act 1, Part 3 – My troth is plighted
(8th Apr, D25, side 04683, mtx HO 3179af)

Act 2
15 Opening Chorus – The month o’ May (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h)
(1st Mar, D25, side 04684, mtx HO 3114af)
16 In England, Merrie England (a,b,c,d)
(27th Feb, D26, side 04241, mtx HO 3104af)
17 The Sun in the Heavens (a,b,c,d, chorus: a,b,c,d,e,f)
(27th Feb, D26, side 04241, mtx HO 3104af)
18 It is the merry month of May (b,i)
(9th Apr, D26, side 04242, mtx HO 3186af)
19 The English Rose (i)
(9th Apr, D27, side 02798, mtx HO 3188af)
20 Two merry men a-drinking (c,d, chorus: a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h)
(1st Mar, D27, side 04243, mtx HO 3111af)
21 Waltz Song – O, who shall say that love (a)
(10th Apr, D28, side 03617, mtx HO 3206af)
22 When Cupid first this old world trod (a,b,c,d) (v2 omitted)
(1st Mar, D28, side 04685, mtx HO 3107af)
23 Finale, Act II – Robin Hood’s Wedding (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h)
(1st Mar, D28, side 04685, mtx HO 3107af)

CD3 – Gramophone Company 1920-23, Metropole 1928, Columbia 1931

Gramophone Company (issued on His Master’s Voice)
(Tracks 1-4 with Symphony Orchestra, 5-8 with Royal Albert Hall Orchestra)
1   Leeds Suite – Valse Gracieuse
(2nd March 1920, D579, side 3-0654, mtx HO 4279af)

The Tempter
2   No.1 – Overture
(7th April 1920, D492, sides 3-0514/5, mtx HO 4336af, HO 4337af)
3   No.2 – Berceuse
(7th April 1920, D516, side 3-0549, mtx HO 4338-IIaf)
4   No.3 – Bacchanalian Dance
(7th April 1920, side 3-0550, mtx HO 4339-IIaf)

5   Henry VIII – Prelude to Act 3
(5th September 1923, D870, side 4-0537, mtx Cc 3393-I)

6   Othello – Willow Song
(5th September 1923, D772, sides 3-0951/2, mtx Cc 2666-VI, Cc 2667-IV)

The Conqueror – Two Dances
(5th September 1923, D870, side 4-0536, mtx Cc 3394-I)
7   Entrance and Dance of the Children
8   Satyr Dance

Metropole (recorded electrically and issued 1928) – Grand Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Edward German
Henry VIII – Dances
9   Morris Dance                          (A1009, mtx M76-2)
10 Shepherds’ Dance                 (A1009, mtx M77)
11 Torch Dance                            (A1010, mtx M78-2)

12 Tempter Suite – Berceuse     (A1010, mtx M79-2)

Columbia – Merrie England (abridged) Columbia Light Opera Company Orchestra, conducted by Clarence Raybould, under the supervision of Sir Edward German.
(a) George Baker, baritone – Earl of Essex
(b) Dan Jones, tenor – Sir Walter Raleigh
(c) Edith Furmedge, contralto – Queen Elizabeth
(d) Alice Lilley, soprano – Bessie Throckmorton
(e) Nellie Walker, contralto – Jill-all-alone
(f) Robert Carr, bass – Long Tom
(g) Columbia Light Opera Company Chorus
Recorded 18th March 1931 (tracks 13-14, 17-22, 27) and 19th March 1931 (tracks 15-16, 23-26)

Act 1
13 Opening Chorus: The May Queen Comes (g)
(DB478, side 60032, mtx WA 11366-3)
14 Oh, Where the Deer do Lie (e)
(DB478, side 60032, mtx WA 11366-3)
15 Love is meant to make us glad (a,b,d,e,f)
(DB478, side 60074, mtx WA 11367-2)
16 She had a Letter from her Love (d)
(DB478, side 60074, mtx WA 11367-2)
17 The Yeomen of England (a,g)
(DB479, side 60030, mtx WA 11368-2)
18 Long Live Elizabeth (g)
(DB479, side 60031, mtx WA 11369-2)
19 Oh, Peaceful England (c)
(DB479, side 60031, mtx, WA 11369-2)
20 Finale Act 1: What Say You, Girl, They Say You are a witch (a,b,c,e,g)
Finale Act 1 (Cont.): Though I am affrighted and sore afraid (a,b,c,d,g)
(DB480, sides 60033, 60038, mtx WA 11370-2, WA 11371-2)
Act 2
21 Opening Chorus: The Queen of May (g)
(DB481, side 60035, mtx WA 11372-2)
22 In England, Merrie England (a,b,d,e)
(DB481, side 60035, mtx WA 11372-2)
23 It is the Merry Month of May (b,e)
(DB481,side 60075, mtx WA 11373-2)
24 The English Rose (b)
(DB482, side 60076, mtx WA 11374-1)
25 Who shall say that Love is Cruel? (d)
(DB482, side 60073, mtx WA 11375-2)
26 When Cupid First this Old World Trod (a,b,d,e)
(DB483, side 60072, mtx WA 11376-2)
27 Finale: Robin Hood’s Wedding (a,b,d,e,g)
(DB483, side 60034, mtx WA 11377-2)