Ernest William Hinchcliff

Ernest William Hinchliff, bassoonist

Hinchcliff was born in London in 1878, and married a Jean Arklay, producing a son and two daughters by 1935. He was a professor of bassoon at the Royal College of Music, the Royal Military School of Music (Kneller Hall) and the Guildhall. He was bassoonist for the London Symphony Orchestra from 1904, Beecham Symphony Orchestra from 1910, New Symphony Orchestra from 1913, BBC Orchestra from 1923.

Trad arr. Fred Godfrey – Lucy Long
Hincliff – Ri-Too-Ral-I-Tay
E.W. Hinchcliff, bassoon
Mme Adami, piano

Trad – Lucy Long – Hinchliff
Hinchliff – Ri-Too-Ral-I-Tay – Hinchliff

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His Master’s Voice B 1756
Matrices Bb 3977-II, 3978-I (7551, 7552)
Recorded 17th December 1923, Hayes

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