Albert W Ketelbey

Albert W Ketelbey (9th August 1875 – 26th November 1959), besides composing many much-loved light orchestral works, was musical director of the Columbia Graphophone Company and recorded extensively, although he’s mainly remembered for conducting his own works.
Traditional – Irish Jigs
Part 1 (Introducing: Hunting the Hare; Rory O’More; Sprig of Shillelagh; Paddy’s Brallagann; Irish Washerwoman)
Part 2 (Introducing: Haste to the Wedding; Rakes of Mallow; Paddy O’Rafferty; Dublin Lasses; Drops of Brandy; St. Patrick’s Day)
Silver Stars Band, Albert W Ketelbey

Download – Irish Jigs – Ketelbey

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Regal G 7585 (10” 78rpm)
Matrices 35807, 35808 (9798, 9799)
Recorded 1920
Available from December 1920 to January 1943
Suppe – Poet and Peasant (slightly abridged)
Silver Stars Band, Albert W Ketèlbey
Regal G 7636 (10″)
Matrices 71225(-3?), 71226-2
Recorded 1921
Available from July 1921 to September 1927
Schubert – Unfinished Symphony (heavily abridged)
The Silver Stars Band, Albert W Ketèlbey
Regal G1009
Matrices 74374-2 and 74375-1
Rec. c October 1921

Even more abridged than Henry Wood’s version, available on Pristine Audio, Ketelbey cuts down to 1 side for each movement. At 80rpm the movements come out in C minor and E flat major which seems a likely pairing for a band arrangement.

Handel – Messiah – Comfort ye, my people; Ev’ry valley shall be exalted
Frank Mullings, tenor
Orchestra, Albert W Ketelbey
Columbia L1452
Matrices: 75189-1, 75190-2
Recorded 19th September 1922
Massenet – Angelus from “Scenes Pittoresques”
Luigini – The Voice of the Bells – Reverie
Court Symphony Orchestra, Albert W Ketelbey

Massenet – Angelus – Court SO, Ketelbey
Luigini – The Voice of the Bells – Court SO, Ketelbey

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Columbia 974
Matrices AX 364-1, 360-1 (4721, 4717)
Recorded 11th and 6th March 1924, London
Available from June 1924 to July 1929

Plays at 78rpm, though stated as 80rpm on labels.

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