Charles Prentice

Charles Prentice, conductor
Balfe – The Bohemian Girl – Vocal Gems
Part 1:
Happy and light of heart (p114-117); I dreamt that I dwellt (p96-98); When other lips (p178-179); Silence (p82-84, 87, transposed down a semitone)
Part 2:
The heart bowed down (p161-162, transposed down a semitone to F); Thou who in might supreme (p75-77); In the gipsy life (p32-35)

Orchestra and Chorus, Charles Prentice
Miriam Licette,
Francis Russell, tenor
Dennis Noble, baritone
Harry Brindle, bass

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Columbia 9579
Matrices WAX 4343-2, 4344-1 (10737/8)
Recording Date 27th November 1928
Available from Jan 1929 to March 1942

Score references to Boosey The Royal Edition vocal score (1899)

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