Albert Sammons

Albert Sammons (1886-1957) was a much loved violinist, nicknamed the English Kreisler. He made several concerto recordings which are still highly regarded.
Vieuxtemps – Ballade & Polonaise
Albert Sammons, violin
Bnad of H.M. Grenadier Guards, Dr Albert Williams

Download – Vieuxtemps – Ballade & Polonaise – Sammons (A-452)

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Columbia L1165
Matrices 6964-2, 6963-2
Recorded 1916, London
Available from May 1917 to March 1926

This recording was the first orchestrally accompanied version of Vieuxtemps’s Ballade et Polonaise, though with wind band accompainment. British military pitch at this time was A=452Hz, so this is the standard I’ve adopted in this transfer, giving a speed of 83.6rpm.

The Ballade is given complete on the first side. The 31 bar transition to the Polonaise is omitted, and the second side starts with the Tempo di polacca. A number of cuts are made (b10 to 1 before E, 14 after G to 18 after G, 21 after G to I, 8 after M to R, S to W in the piano score)

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