Lilian Stiles-Allen

Lilian Stiles Allen (1890/1-1982), who dropped her first name for professional purposes, is usually remembered as one of the sixteen soloists of Vaughan Williams’s Serenade to Music, created for Henry Wood’s Golden Jubilee as a conductor. Although her physique apparently made her unsuited for the operatic stage, she was by the 1920s one of Britain’s foremost concert singers, and performed in opera for BBC radio broadcasts. Among her pupils was the young Julie Andrews.

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Handel – Messiah – Rejoice greatly
Handel – Theodora – Angels ever bright and fair
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano
Edison Bell Velvet Face 700
Matrices X1663B-1, X1664E-1
Recorded c1922
Puccini – Madam Butterfly – Act 1. Love duet, finale
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano.  Dan Jones, tenor
John Barbirolli’s Symphony Orchestra

Mascagni – Cavalleria Rusticana – Santuzza’s Song
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano
John Barbirolli’s Symphony Orchestra

Edison Bell X523
Matrices X1762F, X 1763D
Recorded c1930
Verdi – Aida – Act 2. Neath the chances of battle… Tremble, thou art discovered
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano. Edith Furmedge, contralto
Edison Bell X546
Matrices X1840J, X1841D
Recorded c1930
Puccini – Madam Butterfly – Act 2. One Fine Day
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano

Gounod – Faust – Finale Trio
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano. Edward Leer, tenor. Edward Halland, bass

Edison Bell Electron 0178
Matrices 11142A-1, 11143F-2
Recorded c1930
Puccini – Madam Butterfly – Act 2. Flower duet: Shake the cherry tree… Not a flower left
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano. Edith Furmedge, contralto
Edison Bell Electron 0282
Matrices 11963N-1, 11964A-1
Recorded c1930
HG Pelissier – Awake (Ballad)
Maude Craske Day – Arise, O sun (Ballad)
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano with piano
Edison Bell Winner 5199
Matrices 12845B-1, 12846A-1
Recorded c1930
Lehar – Frederica – Why did you kiss my heart awake
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano

Lehar – Frederica – O maiden, my maiden
Hardy Williamson, tenor

Edison Bell Winner 5171
Matrices 13001F-2, 13002B-2
Recorded c1930
Mascagni – Cavalleria Rusticana – O rejoice that the Lord has arisen
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano

Verdi – Il Trovatore – Miserere
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano. Hardy Williamson, tenor
Orchestra, Orazio Fagotti

Edison Bell Winner L5397
Matrices 13746E-2, 13747F-2
Recorded c1930
Monckton – A Country Girl (excerpts) (Rhajah of Bong; Under the Deodar; Two Little Chicks; Farewell; Pink Hungarian Band; Try It On Johnnie; Yo Ho Little Girls; Coo; My Own Little Girl; Speak And Tell)
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano. Tessa Deane, mezzo-soprano. Anthony Quorn, tenor
London Concert Orchestra
Edison Bell Winner L5379
Matrices 13786F-2, 13787F-2
Recorded c1930
Vaughan Williams – Serenade to Music
BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sir Henry J. Wood
Isobel Baillie,
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano
Elsie Suddaby, soprano
Eva Turner, soprano
Margaret Balfour, contralto
Muriel Brunskill, contralto
Astra Desmond, contralto
Mary Jarred, contralto
Parry Jones, tenor
Heddle Nash, tenor
Frank Titterton, tenor
Walter Widdop, tenor
Norman Allin, bass
Robert Easton, bass
Roy Henderson, baritone
Harold Williams, baritone

Download – Vaughan Williams – Serenade to Music – Henry Wood

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Columbia LX757-8
Matrices CAX 8367-2A, 8368-2A, 8369-1, 8370-1
Recorded 15th October 1938

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