Orff – Carmina burana

Orff – Carmina Burana
Unknown performers

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I’ve had this recording lurking around for a little while now, and thought I would share it. It’s a privately recorded LP of a live performance of Carmina Burana. It was recorded by John Hassell Recordings of SW London, possibly in the 1960s (the company was certainly around at the time). The performance is of the version for chorus, soloists, pianos and percussion, rather than the version for orchestra. The record does not include all of the work – some of the strophic pieces are trimmed by a verse or two, and the roasting swan tenor solo is missing completely, so it clocks in at 38 minutes.

I suspect that the performance was complete, but the record is simply trimmed down. There are several pices of evidence for this:

· the start of “Dulcissime” is lost – it commences on the final vowel of that first word

· the reprise of “Swaz hie gat umbe”, coming immediately after a cut section, begins with an upward pitch swoop, suggesting the tape coming up to speed. (I’ve corrected this using the first couple of seconds of the first part of Swaz hie)

· there are a couple of places where the echo after the end of a movement is cut off abruptly.

It is very definitely live: there are coughs and bumps, and the baritone soloist occasionally fluffs his words, and mispitches from time to time. The ensemble can be shaky in places, and the record was also in poor condition – but it’s still interesting to hear! If anyone can come up with information about the performance I’d be glad to find out.

Tracks (and omissions):

1. O Fortuna
2. Fortuna plango vulnera – First verse only (and ensemble is shaky towards the end)
3. Veris leta facies – First verse only
4. Omnia sol temperat – First verse omitted
5. Ecce gratum
6. Tanz
7. Floret silva gloria – First verse only
8. Chamer gip di varwe mir – First verse only
9. Swaz hie gat umbe – Chume, chum geselle min – Opening Tanz (Reie) and “Suzer Roservarwer munt” sections omitted
10. Were diu wellt alle min
11. Estuans interius
omitted – (Olim lacus colueram)
12. Ego sum abbas
13. In taberno quando sumus
14. Amor volat undique
15. Dies nox et omnia
16. Stetit puella – First verse only
17. Circa me pectora – Third verse only: “Vellet deus, vellent dii”
18. Si puer cum puellula
19. Veni, veni, venias
20. In trutina mentis dubia – First verse only
21. Tempus est iocundum
22. Dulcissime – First word lost from recording (Dulcissim)-e
23. Blanziflor et Helena – Ave formosissima
24. Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi – O Fortuna

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