Arthur Dennington

Arthur Dennington and the Modern Symphony Orchestra were apparently well-regarded, particularly in the performance of modern works. They performed works by Alan Bush and Ruth Gipps amongst others. Dennington made commercial recordings, including 4 volumes of overtures by Auber. In the early 1950s he conducted concerto accompaniments for Joyce Hatto.
Donizetti – Don Pasquale – Pronta io son
Alma Caesari, soprano
Eric Rees, baritone
The Modern Symphony Orchestra, Arthur Dennington
A Modern Recording (Modern Recording Co. (Private Recording Studio), Piccadilly Arcade, London)
Matrices MM 138, 139
Recorded c1950

This privately recorded 78 features Eric Rees in duet with Alma Caesari, daughter of Edwin Herbert-Caesari, a renowned voice teacher who wrote several books on singing.

The first side of this recording is some 4 and three quarter minutes, and the sound quality is very poor at the end of the side.

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