Isobel Baillie

Isobel Baillie was one of the best-loved of British sopranos. Her delightfully clear tone, maintained to a great age was achieved by remembering one simple motto, the title of her autobiography “Never sing louder than lovely”.
Hedgcock – Sleep my Saviour, sleep
Gruber – Silent Night
Isobel Baillie, soprano; Muriel Brunskill, contralto; Heddle Nash, tenor; Norman Allin, bass
Columbia DB 976
Matrices CA 13155-2, 13156-2
Recorded 1930s
Vaughan Williams – Serenade to Music
BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sir Henry J. Wood
Isobel Baillie,
Lilian Stiles Allen, soprano
Elsie Suddaby, soprano
Eva Turner, soprano
Margaret Balfour, contralto
Muriel Brunskill, contralto
Astra Desmond, contralto
Mary Jarred, contralto
Parry Jones, tenor
Heddle Nash, tenor
Frank Titterton, tenor
Walter Widdop, tenor
Norman Allin, bass
Robert Easton, bass
Roy Henderson, baritone
Harold Williams, baritone

Download – Vaughan Williams – Serenade to Music – Henry Wood

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Columbia LX757-8
Matrices CAX 8367-2A, 8368-2A, 8369-1, 8370-1
Recorded 15th October 1938

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