Child vocalists

Charles Hawtrey and Evelyn Griffiths

Bishop – Home, sweet home
Barnby – Sweet and low
Evelyn Griffths, girl soprano (aged 11)
Master Charles Hawtrey, boy soprano (aged 15)
Eustace Pett, organ
String Quartet, conducted by Stanford Robinson

Regal MR112
Matrices: WAR 149-1, 150-1 (52907/8)
Recorded 24th May 1930
Available from September 1930 to June 1935

The name to conjure with is Master Charles Hawtrey. He’s not remembered for the earliest part of his career as a child performer, but did make three records with Regal. He’s best known as a member of the regular team of actors in the “Carry On” films. He can be heard singing solo at the start of Home, sweet home.

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