Carl Gorvin

Carl Gorvin was a German conductor.
Handel – Oboe Concerto in G minor

I. Grave
II. Allegro
III. Sarabande (Allegro)
IV. Allegro

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Bach Orchestra of Berlin, Carl Gorvin
Hermann Töttcher, oboe
Heinz Friedrich Hartig, harpsichord

Deutsche Grammophon Archiv Produktion EPA 37147 (54711 JH, 54712 JH)
Recorded 24th-25th November 1955 Jesus-Christus Kirche, BerlinMy copy of this record has 2 cracks affecting approximately the first minute of each side – some residual thumps may still be audible.
Leopold Mozart – Musikalische Schlittenfahrt (Musical Sleigh-Ride) for Orchestra and Sleigh Bells
1. Intrada (Andante e staccato/Presto)
2. Schlittenfahrt (Sleigh Ride)
3. Das Schütteln der Pferde (Andante sempre piano)
4. Aufzug
5. Blasmusik (Allegro)
6. Das vor Kälte zitternde Frauenzimmer (Adagio)
7. Des Balles Anfang (Menuett)
8. Deutscher Tanz I (Presto)
9. Kehraus (Allegro)
10. Pianissimo
11. Deutscher Tanz II
12. Kehraus (Allegro)
13. Schlittenfahrt (Sleigh Ride)
Leopold Mozart – Cassatio ex G for Orchestra and Children’s Instruments
1. Marche
2. Minuetto
3. Allegro
4. Minuetto
5. Allegretto
6. Minuetto
7. Presto
8. Marche
Bach Orchestra of Berlin, Carl Gorvin
Archive Production APM14084
Matrices 033 233, 033 232
Recorded 1-3November 1956 (Sleigh Ride); 22-24 November 1955 (Cassatio), Jesus-Christus-Kirche, Berlin

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