George Singer

George Singer recorded extensively for Remington.

Don Gabor’s Remington Records of the early 1950s are notable for their wide range of repertoire and performers. Unfortunately the technical and sonic quality is even more wide ranging, with the earlier discs suffering from particularly noisy surfaces which only get noisier with subsequent playing. I have just two Remington LPs. The first is a very noisy 1950 10” LP of George Singer conducting the Carmen Suite and Die Moldau. As if the surface noise were not enough, the record has a radial fracture stretching across two thirds of the playing surface. Two decent performances lurk beneath the noise. By way of complete contrast, a 1954 12” Remington of Otto Matzerath conducting Schumann’s Spring Symphony is in hugely better sound (with the only section of significant noise being in the final few seconds of the 2nd movement.

Bizet – Carmen Suite
Smetana – Die Moldau (Vltava)

Symphony Orchestra of the Viennese Symphonic Society, George Singer
Remington LP: RLP-149-10
Matrices: R33-114/5
Released 1950

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