Vassily Andreyev

As one might expect, the transliteration made by HMV from the Cyrillic gives several different versions of the name of the performers on the following. The recordings by this ensemble are actually of historic significance – Vassily Vassilievich Andreyev was the Russian nobleman who, in the late 19th century began to standardize the balalaika for orchestral use. He developed the range of different balalaikas to be found in the modern balalaika orchestra, and arranged Russian folk songs and melodies, as well as composing works of his own. The ensemble heard here, was founded in 1888 and still survives. They made several recordings during their visit to the USA in 1911.
(1) Molodka (Folk Song) (2) Sun in the sky stop shining (Folk Song)
Andreieff’s Balalaika Orchestra
His Master’s Voice D165
Matrix A9997 (Victor original) (028500)
Recorded 20th or 21st February 1911, New York

This side appeared as a most unexpected coupling to Landon Ronald’s abridged recording of Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony: two Russian folk songs played by Andreieff’s Balalaika Orchestra, recorded by Victor in New York in February 1911.

Traditional – Serenade Falet
Rubinstein – Bal Costumé – Toreador et Andalouse
Andreieff’s Balalaika Orchestra, Vassily Vassilievich Andreyev

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Victrola 18058
Matrices B9996-1, 9978-1
Recorded 20th, 21st February 1911

Top half of label has a replacement stuck over it:

Manufactured for
Made in U.S.A.

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