Louise Kirkby-Lunn

Rather than the usual Viennese fare to welcome 2018, I’ve opted instead by some early Pathé sides by the great English contralto Louise Kirkby-Lunn. They’re from 28cm diameter, centre-start, etched label double-sided issues. All are piano accompanied.

There is a spoken introduction to the first side, presumably Madam Kirkby-Lunn herself.

The second record has Kirkby-Lunn duetting with the tenor Ben Davies. The last of the 4 sides, “Oh that we two were Maying” has a misplaced stop groove at the outer edge of the record, that interrupts the final chord. There are several revolutions after this groove with the final chord in the piano dying away. I’ve endeavoured to reduce the jarring effect.

Bishop – Home Sweet Home – Louise Kirkby-Lunn

Pathé 50012, catalogue number 5174
51145 GR
Recorded 1902-3, London

Lassen – All Souls’ Day – Louise Kirkby-Lunn

Pathé 50104, catalogue number 5174
51152 GR
Recorded 1902-3, London

Verdi – Il Trovatore – Home to our Mountains – Louise Kirkby-Lunn, Ben Davies

Pathé 76505
19506 BC
Recorded 1905-6, London

Nevin – Oh that we two were Maying – Louise Kirkby-Lunn, Ben Davies

Pathé 76506
16914 BC
Recorded 1905-6, London

(mp3 files – click to play, or right click the link, then select “Save as”)


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