Bransby Williams as Scrooge (1926)

After Christmas carols earlier in the week, today it’s another Dickensian helping from Bransby Williams. His 1912 Columbia recording of his Scrooge monologues, together with a Micawber speech appeared here last year. These were replaced with later acoustic recordings in 1924, but these were swiftly rendered redundant by the advent of electrical recording. Thus in 1926, Williams recorded these scenes again, on the same catalogue numbers with an R appended (for “re-recording”). The first record of this set has appeared here previously, but I’ve now acquired the second record, so I present it here in full.

Dickens – Scrooge – Before the Dream; The Dream; After the Dream
Dickens – David Copperfield – Micawber’s advice to David Copperfield
Bransby Williams,

Dickens – Scrooge – Before the Dream (1926) – Bransby Williams

Dickens – Scrooge – The Dream (1926) – Bransby Williams

Dickens – Scrooge – After the Dream (1926) – Bransby Williams

Dickens – David Copperfield – Micawber’s Advice to David Copperfield (1926) – Bransby Williams

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Columbia 347R (81.8rpm)

Matrices WAX 1397-2, 1396-2 (6043, 6042)
Recorded 31st March 1926
Available from May 1926 to February 1944

Columbia 348R (81.8rpm)

Matrices WAX 1398-1, 1399-1 (6041, 6040)
Recorded 31st March 1926
Available from June 1926 to February 1944

A Bransby Williams discography can be found elsewhere on this site.

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