Percy Pitt conducts Wagner

It’s quite some time since any of Percy Pitt’s recordings appeared here. I’ve therefore opted to share one of his acoustic HMV recordings. It’s an orchestral recording, unusual in his HMV output, which was mainly devoted to accompanying singers either as pianist or conductor.

Wagner – Götterdämmerung – Siegfried’s Journey to the Rhine
Symphony Orchestra, Percy Pitt

This is a curious recording. The first side has the later matrix number, and though it begins as usual, when the first horn call is reached, we find the passage transposed down a minor third into D major. The bass clarinet line is given to lower strings, and a coda is appended. The second side begins from the second horn call, now at score pitch of F major.  This means the sides do not join easily. The first file below gives the two sides in full. In the second version, I have digitally repitched the horn call passage into F major (without changing the tempo) to effect a side join and make the piece continuous.

Wagner – Götterdämmerung – Siegfried’s journey to the Rhine – Pitt (without side join)

Wagner – Götterdämmerung – Siegfried’s journey to the Rhine – Pitt (repitched horn calls for side join)

(mp3 files – click to play, or right click the link, then select “Save as”)

His Master’s Voice D 559
Matrices Cc 133-II, 132-I (3-0611, 3-0612)
Recorded 6th May 1921, Hayes, Room 1.
Plays at 76.8rpm

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