Vocal Gems from the Bohemian Girl

Balfe’s “The Bohemian Girl” was a popular light opera on the English stage from the nineteenth century. Various popular arias from the work were a staple of the record catalogues in the 78rpm era, and its overture remained a favourite. The present recording is a typical “vocal gems” compilation, including three of the most popular solos and some ensemble passages. Licette and Noble remain fairly familiar names, though Russell (who sang Calaf) and Brindle (a stalwart of the Moody-Manners opera company) are barely remembered now.

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Balfe – The Bohemian Girl – Vocal Gems
Part 1:
Happy and light of heart (p114-117); I dreamt that I dwellt (p96-98); When other lips (p178-179); Silence (p82-84, 87, transposed down a semitone)
Part 2:
The heart bowed down (p161-162, transposed down a semitone to F); Thou who in might supreme (p75-77); In the gipsy life (p32-35)
Score references to Boosey The Royal Edition vocal score (1899)

Columbia 9579
Matrices WAX 4343-2, 4344-1 (10737/8)
Recording Date 27th November 1928
Available from Jan 1929 to March 1942

Orchestra and Chorus, Charles Prentice
Miriam Licette,
Francis Russell, tenor
Dennis Noble, baritone
Harry Brindle, bass

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