Mark Hambourg’s Tchaikovsky 1st Concerto, Rodzinski conducts Mozart concertos, Howard Barlow conducts Haydn’s Surprise, creators of Der Rosenkavalier, Vladimir Golschmann conducts Sibelius and Mozart

There’s quite a mixture of items for mid-January. Firstly, I’ve had another attempt at Mark Hambourg’s recording of the Tchaikovsky First Piano Concerto – the HMV surfaces are rough, and the recording isn’t the easiest to deal with, but I’ve certainly improved on my previous attempt. It also brings the name of Landon Ronald to my site – there’ll be much more to follow. In addition, I’ve transferred a Westminster LP with Artur Rodzinski conducting Mozart’s Clarinet and Bassoon Concertos. Then it’s back to two of this year’s anniversary composers. Haydn’s Surprise symphony has already appeared on this site in versions by Horenstein, Weissmann and Sargent. The next account is with Howard Barlow conducting the Columbia Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra. And as a little nod to the sixtieth anniversary of the death of Richard Strauss, two of the sides recorded by Minnie Nast and Eva Plaschke-von der Osten, the creators of Sophie and Octavian in Der Rosenkavalier. Finally, I’ve transferred an early LP of Vladimir Golschmann conducting Sibelius’s 7th Symphony and Mozart’s Prague Symphony.

Tchaikovksy – Piano Concerto No.1 in B flat minor Op.23

I. Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso
II. Andantino semplice
III. Allegro con fuoco

Mediafire link for Tchaikovsky – Piano Concerto No.1 – Hambourg, Ronald

(These are zip files – left click the link, download the files, then unzip when downloaded)

His Master’s Voice D 1130-33
Matrices CR 736-IA, 737-I, 738-IA, 739-I, 732-IIA, 733-IA, 734-IA, 735-IA (single side numbers 05951/4, 05947/50)
Recorded 28th September 1926, Kingsway Hall, London
Royal Albert Hall Orchestra, Sir Landon Ronald
Mark Hambourg, piano

Mozart – Clarinet Concerto in A major K.622

I. Allegro
II. Adagio
III. Rondo: Allegro

Mozart – Bassoon Concerto in Bb major K.191

I. Allegro
II. Andante ma adagio
III. Rondo: Tempo di minuetto

Mediafire link for Mozart concerti – Rodzinski

(These are zip files – left click the link, download the files, then unzip when downloaded)

Whitehall WH20060
Matrices XTV 21725/6 (M18287A/B)
Recorded June 27th to July 11th 1954, Vienna Konzerthaus, Mozartsaal
Vienna State Opera Orchestra, Artur Rodzinski
Leopold Wlach, clarinet
Karl Oehlberger, bassoon

Haydn – Symphony No.94 in G major “The Surprise”

I. Adagio cantabile – Vivace assai (2 sides)
II. Andante (2 sides)
III. Menuetto (Allegro molto) and Trio (1 side)
IV. Allegro di molto (1 side)

Mediafire link for Haydn – Surprise Symphony – Howard Barlow

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Columbia (UK) DX 929-931
Matrices XCO 24147/52
Recorded 20th February 1939, New York
Columbia Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra, Howard Barlow

This UK Columbia set has a very high level of surface noise and crackle, and proved much more difficult to restore than other UK Columbias of a similar vintage, despite the good recording quality.

Richard Strauss – Der Rosenkavalier:
Mit ihren Augen voll Tränen (Act 2)
Ist ein Traum, kann nicht wirklich sein (Act 3)

Download – R Strauss – Rosenkavalier – Mit ihren Augen – Nast, Osten

Download – R Strauss – Rosenkavalier – Ist ein Traum – Nast, Osten

(mp3 files – right click the link, then select “Save as” or click the play button)

His Master’s Voice D 1002
Matrices 2305½c, 2304c (single side numbers 044184, 044183)
Recorded 25th August 1911, Berlin
Minnie Nast, soprano
Eva Plaschke-von der Osten, soprano
with Orchestra

Der Rosenkavalier was premiered in Dresden on January 26th 1911. These two sides were part of a group made seven months later in Berlin. Eva von der Osten and Minnie Nast created the roles of Octavian and Sophie. Margarethe Siems, the creator of the Marschallin, also took part in the session, recording solo and ensemble pieces.

“Mit ihren Augen” runs from 2 bars before fig 115 to fig 129
“Ist ein Traum” runs from 2 bars before fig 297 to fig 300, then has a transition section, before running fig 303 to 2 bars after fig 305

Sibelius – Symphony No.7 in C Op.105
Mozart – Symphony No.38 in D major “Prague”

I. Adagio – Allegro
II. Andante
III. Finale: Presto

Mediafire link for Sibelius and Mozart – Vladimir Golschmann

(These are zip files – left click the link, download the files, then unzip when downloaded)

RCA Victor Bluebird Classics LBC-1067
Matrices E3RP-5266-1S, 5267-1S
Recorded 1942 (Sibelius), 1945 (Mozart)
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Golschmann

This very early American LP was in poor condition, with considerable surface noise, and suffers some blasting in bass-heavy passages.

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