Leo Blech conducts Schubert’s Great C Major Symphony

A few recordings by Leo Blech have appeared previously on this site, and it seemed time for another – his 1927 account of Schubert’s Great C major Symphony with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Mediafire link for Blech’s 1927 Schubert C major

(These are zip files – left click the link, download the files, then unzip when downloaded)

Schubert – Symphony No.7 in C major “Great”
His Master’s Voice D1390-5 (Album Series No.59)
Matrices CR 1587-I, 1588-IA, 1589-IIA, 1590-II, 1591-IA, 1592-II, 1593-IA, 1594-IA, 1595-IIA, 1596-IA, 1597-IA, 1598-IIA (5-0735, 5-0693/9, 5-0714, 5-0711/3)
Recorded 15th November 1927, Queen’s Hall, London
London Symphony Orchestra, Leo Blech

I. Andante – Allegro ma non troppo (3 sides)
II. Andante con moto (4 sides)
III. Scherzo – Allegro vivace (2 sides)
IV. Finale – Allegro vivace (3 sides)

The first record in my copy of this album is cracked right across, being held together mainly by the record label. I have done my best to remove the resultant heavy clicks.

It’s curious to note that in this set, record 1 contains sides 1 and 2, and record 2 contains sides 3 and 12. This ensures that the next two records can include the slow movement, and that the two sides of the scherzo fit on one record. There is, however, a significant cut in the reprise of the scherzo.

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