Pauline Aubert plays music of the Couperin dynasty

Pauline Aubert has appeared here already in a number of Anthologie Sonore recordings. The present set is slightly later, probably about 1950, on a Classics Club LP. Aubert plays music of “The Couperin Dynasty”.

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The Couperin Dynasty
The Classics Club – Counterpoint X52
Matrices CCHN52A1, 52B1 (CPTM 30053A, 30053B)
Recorded c1950
Pauline Aubert, harpsichord

Armand-Louis Couperin:
Les cacqueteuses
The Four Nations: Italy
The Four Nations: England
The Four Nations: Germany
The Four Nations: France
Gervase François Couperin:
Variations on “Ah! ça ira”
Jacques Champion de Chambonnières:
Louis Couperin:
The Tomb of Monsieur Blancrocher
François Couperin:
8 Preludes to the Art of Playing the Harpsichord

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