The chorus of La Scala, Milan was recorded frequently in operatic excerpts.

Verdi – Requiem – Domine Jesu, Hostias
Coristi del Teatro alla Scala, Grande Orchestra

Verdi – Requiem – Domine Jesu – La Scala Chorus

Verdi – Requiem – Hostias – La Scala Chorus

Fonotipia 92998, 92999 (Nos. 115, 112)
Matrices: XPh 4924, 4923
Recorded 2nd April 1913

Fonotipia recorded a number of excerpts from Verdi’s Requiem – mainly passages for a single soloist, or for the solo quartet. The performers are credited only as from the La Scala chorus.

6 sides of Verdi’s Requiem were recorded at this session. The singers are unnamed

02-Apr-13 CORISTI del TEATRO alla SCALA
XPh 4920 ZZ Confutatis maledictis 92997
XPh 4921 ZZ Ingemisco 92996
XPh 4922 ZZ Quid sum miser 92994
XPh 4923 ZZ Hostias et preces tibi 92999
XPh 4924 ZZ Domine Jesu 92998
XPh 4925 ZZ Recordare Jesu pie 92995