The Dutch conductor Paul van Kempen became a German citizen in 1932, and from 1934 until 1942 was the principal conductor of the Dresden Philharmonic, with whom he made this recording.
Beethoven – Symphony No.5 in C minor Op.67
I.Allegro con brio (2 sides)
II. Andante con moto (3 sides)
III. Scherzo (1½ sides)
IV. Allegro (2½ sides)
Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul van Kempen
Polydor 67635-9 (9 sides, last record is single-sided)
Matrices 1509½, 1510½, 1511, 1512, 1513 ⅝?, 1514½, 1515 ⅝? , 1516 ⅝?, 1517½ GE9
Recorded c1941 (sides are variously labeled Mechan Copt 1941 and 1942)

My copy of the final, single-sided, record in this set is cracked, so there is noticeable noise from this in the last few minutes of the Finale (though the last 40 seconds or so are undamaged)